Broadband providers 'should improve sign-up process' header image

UK consumers with poor ADSL connections need to be able to switch providers easily if the country's network is to improve, according to a new report.

A study conducted by ISP Review found that over a third of people would like to see their ISP improve its sign-up process.

Some 69 per cent made the agreement with their provider using an online form, while a third chose to do it via telephone.

ISP Review founder Mark Jackson warned that moving between services should not be a "traumatic" experience for Britons.

"Broadband providers should always endeavour to make their related forms and processes as clean, readable and simple as possible," he added.

Ofcom is currently overhauling the process that allows broadband subscribers to switch to a new system in a bid to make it fairer for consumers, following a report into the problems facing the current model that was released in 2010.

Posted by Mark Wynn