Apple co-founder suffers with slow broadband header image

The co-founder of Apple has complained about the poor quality of his home broadband connection.

Speaking at a recent trade show in Germany, Steve Wozniak claimed his service is too slow to use popular TV and film streaming service NetFlix, the Inquirer reports.

"I don't have high enough broadband speed where I live, I've got a lousy phone company," he stated, 

While Mr Wozniak lives in the US, his comments prove even the heads of technology giants like Apple can struggle with slow and unreliable broadband. 

His predicament is a common one here in the UK, where many people have to get by with internet connections that are not good enough for activities like video streaming.

That need not be the case however, as satellite broadband is the ideal way to improve connectivity in the UK's remote and rural areas.

It can provide speeds of up to 20 Mbps, which are more than enough for watching films and TV online.