Over half of Brits use paid streaming services header image

One of the best things about a fast and reliable internet connection is being able to stream TV programmes and films. 

A growing number of Britons seem to be taking advantage of this, as new research from the Post Office and Freeview has revealed 55 per cent of people are using services such as LoveFilm and Netflix. 

The vast majority of these individuals subscribe to these companies as well as paying for other TV packages, with only 18 per cent of respondents using them as a replacement for traditional TV viewing. 

Guy North, marketing communications director at Freeview, said people should regularly assess their TV habits to ensure they are not paying for services they do not need.

According to the report, streaming content online is now the eighth most popular online activity. Meanwhile, browsing the web, checking emails and social networking are the three most common things to do online in 77 per cent of households.