Better broadband slow to come to Berwick header image

The arrival of faster broadband in Berwick has been slower than anticipated.

BT was due to launch super-fast services in the town last week, but local people claim this has not happened.

One resident - Stuart Richardson - told the Berwick Advertiser: "BT are taking orders but nobody is getting it yet. Not one person in Berwick has it yet."

Meanwhile, Vicky Davidson said the improved service was supposed to come to her area two weeks ago and is still not available. 

She also claimed it has been difficult to get through to BT to find out what is causing the delay.

A statement from the company apologised for the problem and said the issue behind it has now been rectified.

The situation in Berwick is not unique as communities across the country are waiting for improved broadband services, while others do not know if they will receive an upgrade at all.

Waiting for BT is not the only option however, click here to learn more.