North Lincs broadband map released header image

An interactive map revealing details of the super-fast broadband rollout in North Lincolnshire has been released.

The map shows the areas that will be covered by the Northern Lincolnshire project and at what stage of the process they stand to receive an improved service. 

Some 92.5 per cent of premises in the region are set to be included in the rollout. Due to the publication of the map, the people who will fall into the remaining 7.5 per cent have the chance to look into alternative methods of improving their connectivity. 

A connectivity option they should consider is satellite broadband, which is available now and can provide speeds of up to 20 Mbps in even the remotest of areas.

The publication of the North Lincolnshire map has generally been praised within the broadband industry, as it is one of the few projects to have published a map that shows people whether they will be included in the rollout with a reasonable level of detail.