Welsh businesses could benefit from flexi-time header image

Companies in Wales could improve their performance by allowing employees to work in a more flexible manner, a new report has claimed.

Chwarae Teg, a group that promotes the economic development of women in the Welsh labour market, revealed that 70 per cent of firms feel that flexible working can or already has improved their success levels.

However, the organisation warned that this positive attitude has not seen flexible working become a norm in the country.

One reason for this could be that poor ADSL connections make it harder for rural workers to carry out tasks from home, with solutions such as Tooway 8 sattelite broadband needed to reach more isolated properties.

Hayley Dunne, project manager of Chwarae Teg's EU- backed project Agile Nation, said: "The government needs to invest more in helping and encouraging businesses to plan, implement and manage different patterns of employment."

Lloyds Banking Group's recent Small to Medium Enterprise Digitisation Report warned that Welsh businesses are struggling to take advantage of the benefits offered by broadband connections.

Posted by Justin McKenzie