UK 'in digital Stone Age' header image

A lack of broadband services means the UK is living in the "digital Stone Age", according to an Exmoor resident. 

Martin Heist, a journalist for the Western Morning News who relies on the internet to work from home, has claimed many people in the region struggle for basic connectivity. 

Writing for the newspaper, he said his own BT internet connection was recently cut off and it took the company two weeks to restore the service. 

"We like to pretend we're a first world country, but if my recent experience is anything to go by … we are back in a digital Stone Age," Mr Heist stated. 

He added that even when his service is reconnected he only receives speeds similar to those available in "Outer Mongolia" and jokingly suggested carrier pigeons may be a more efficient means of communication. 

People suffering from similar problems to Mr Heist could solve them by switching to satellite broadband.