Brits watch online TV for over seven hours a week header image

The average Briton spends more than seven hours a week watching catch-up TV over the internet. 

New research from has revealed people tend to view programmes across a wide range of connected devices. For instance, the average person watches more than two hours of TV on a tablet, close to three hours through a laptop and nearly two and a half hours on a games console. 

Britons even catch up on TV through their mobile phones, with the typical individual viewing just under two hours worth of content this way. One in ten of the people who watch TV on their phone do so for more than ten hours each week.

uSwitch said men tend to watch more TV on their mobile than women and Londoners watch the most programmes on the go. 

Actual television sets remain the most popular way to see programmes, with the average person watching four and a half hours a week this way.

Marie-Louise Abretti, telecoms expert at the organisation, commented: "You no longer have to fit your schedule around the TV guide, and you don't even have to wait until you get home to watch your favourite shows.

"Services such as iPlayer and Sky Go mean you can download a show at home to watch on your mobile or tablet later."

uSwitch's research revealed many Britons are so focused on watching TV they are overlooking other areas of their life. For instance, 24 per cent of people said they have forgotten or skipped a meal due to being hooked on a TV show - this figure rises to 39 per cent in the north-east of England.

A further 23 per cent of people claim their social life has suffered from watching too much television, while 20 per cent said they have skipped sleep in order to continue viewing a show.

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