More criticism for BT's lack of broadband info header image

The lack of information regarding the government and BT's super-fast broadband rollout has again been criticised. 

Trefor Davies, former chief technology officer of business internet service provider Timico, said the lack of transparency on this issue is "giving rise to too many questions".

Writing for, he questioned whether the shortage of information suggests BT has a "hidden agenda". 

"It has got to a point where someone in authority somewhere should take it out of the hands of BT and the councils and reveal the detail of the plans," Mr Davies stated.

The broadband expert said he understands why BT may want to avoid the negative publicity of revealing it will not be covering a village in its rollout, but it is important for local people to know. 

This issue was discussed earlier this month, when Mark Williams, joint chief executive of East Devon District Council and South Somerset District Council, told the Western Morning News he is unhappy with the "gagging order" that surrounds the super-fast rollout.

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