Oxfordshire village without broadband for six weeks header image

A village in Oxfordshire has been without broadband and telephone services for six weeks. 

A combination of bad weather and faulty cables has left many residents of Binfield Heath disconnected since the middle of December, the Henley Standard reports.

Cosima Wagner, who lives in the village, told the newspaper: "I'm supposed to be able to work from home but I've been unable to, while people haven't been able to get in touch with us."

She claimed it took five weeks before BT Openreach and her provider TalkTalk looked into solving the issue.

Another local resident Peter Woolsey told the news provider internet access in the village has been unreliable for a long time, which forced him to move his software business to Estonia where connections are cheaper and faster.

The managing director of BT Openreach has apologised for the outage and said work is ongoing to solve the problem.

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