Brits want techie presents this Valentine's Day header image

The internet could play a big part in today's Valentine's Day celebrations, as research has shown many people want to receive a techie gift from their partner.

A survey by online retailer found the iPad is the most desirable Valentine's Day gift this year, while a laptop and the PlayStation 4 were ranked fourth and fifth respectively. 

Each of these products rely heavily on the internet and this is further evidence of the ever increasing role the web is playing in people's everyday lives. found the more traditional options of flowers and jewellery are the second and third most desirable Valentine's gifts respectively.

The internet is playing a more prominent role in Britons' love lives in general, with a recent study from e-Harmony claiming the majority of couples will have met online by 2031.

It also revealed two-thirds of people would be willing to use an online dating service if they were single.