Rightmove makes broadband info permanent header image

Property search website Rightmove is to provide broadband information for the homes it advertises.

The company has been trailing the feature and decided to make it permanent after it proved popular with users - it currently attracts more than 400,000 page views per month.

When looking at a property, people can click through to a page that reveals the average connection speed in the area and what sort of online activities that allows for.

The feature also shows users whether it is possible to upgrade to a super-fast service.

A survey by Rightmove found having a decent broadband connection is seen as more important than transport links and nearby schools.

Bernard Phillips, head of consumer platforms at the organisation, said: "The trial exceeded our expectations so it's become a permanent addition that further enhances our listings."

He added broadband is something that has become "ingrained" in people's lives and is a key consideration when choosing a home.