Businesses 'must master new online technologies' header image

Businesses will need to make the most of a number of new technologies if they are to enjoy the full benefits of internet connectivity.

This is according to research firm Gartner, which has compiled a list of technological developments it believes companies will need to get to grips with in the next few years. 

One of the technologies highlighted by the company was mobile-connected smart objects. This refers to items that will have built-in internet connectivity and be controlled or interacted with remotely. 

An example of this is a light switch that can be turned on or off simply by someone sending a message across the internet from their smartphone or mobile device. The development of these items, which can range from toys and domestic appliances to medical equipment, is widely known as the internet of things and this is an area that is expected to undergo significant growth in the near future.

A related technology that was highlighted by Gartner is wearable devices. This refers to items such as jewellery and watches that connect to the internet and communicate with the wearer's smartphone, tablet or computer.

Other technologies Gartner believes businesses will need to master include the growing prominence of mobile apps and changes to Wi-Fi networks. 

The organisation is not the first to express a belief that companies need to take advantage of the latest developments in internet technology, as earlier this month a study by O2 and the Centre for Economic and Business Research said a lack of connectivity is costing the UK economy £30 billion annually.

While some businesses will spend the next few years striving to master the technologies highlighted by Gartner, others struggle to acquire a decent standard of internet access at all.

Such companies would benefit from satellite broadband. Available now, this technology can provide a fast and reliable service anywhere in the UK regardless of location.