Shetland suffers another broadband outage header image

Some residents of the Shetland Isles were left without broadband for a week during the new year period after damage to an underwater cable. 

This is not the first time connections have been lost in the region, as similar problems occurred during 2013.

Shetland MSP Tavish Scott has called for Ofcom to investigate this issue, the Shetland Times reports. 

People who receive broadband from providers such as TalkTalk and AOL lost their service, while those using Shetland Telecom, Shetland Broadband and AOL did not. 

Mr Scott said he wants to know why some organisations could maintain their services while others were unable to.

"I am ... asking Ofgem to investigate the service that Shetland gets from such companies and to suggest ways that this can be improved and maintained when such incidents happen in the future," he told the news provider.

As Shetland is one of the most remote parts of the UK, reliable internet access can be hard to come by. However, satellite broadband is ideally suited to bringing high-speed connections to such areas.