Berkhamsted businesses 'need better broadband' header image

A local IT company has claimed poor broadband services in Berkhamsted are holding back businesses. 

Brash Solutions said connections in the Hertfordshire town are not good enough for companies and has criticised BT for devoting too much time and resources to residential customers.

In a bid to counter this issue, the organisation has asked other local fimrs to prove them with details of their broadband problems and the speeds they have to rely on.

The firm's managing director Richard Brash told Hemel Today: "The idea is to put a lot of pressure on BT from the business community. Hopefully if we rattle the cage loudly enough, they will take notice."

He claimed many companies are now looking to leave the town as they feel their growth prospects are being held back by the current lack of connectivity. 

Mr Brash said businesses are willing to pay more for better broadband, but the service is currently unavailable.