Poor children's education 'worst affected by lack of internet' header image

Children without home internet access are falling behind when it comes to education, a new campaign group has warned. 

Mind the Gap has claimed there are half a million youngsters across the country who are unable to access the web at home and said the poorest children are worst affected by this lack of connectivity. 

The group has revealed it wants to provide an extra 100,000 children with home internet access in 2014 alone, BBC News reports. 

It said schools across the country now expect their pupils to use the web to complete their homework and children who cannot do so are at a serious advantage. 

Matt Tavender, head of Cunningham Hill Junior School in St Albans, is working with Mind the Gap and told the BBC 17 of the school's 270 pupils currently cannot go online at home.

"Children who don't have access to images they can use, and to word-processing, find it much harder," he stated.

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