Shropshire support for better rural broadband grows header image

Residents of rural Shropshire are demonstrating their desire for the government to take action to improve broadband services in rural parts of the county. 

This is according to Patrick Cosgrove of the Shropshire and Marches Campaign for Better Broadband in Rural Areas group, who said 36 parish and town councils are now backing the group. 

Writing for the Shropshire Star, he stated: "The government has not served rural areas well with its current plans for [the] broadband rollout. 

"There are many brilliant examples of community projects which could be replicated in Shropshire if the will exists."

Mr Cosgrove said the campaign group has sent a letter to Shropshire Council and all other local authorities in the region that calls for the bodies to cooperate as much as possible to ensure 100 per cent of properties in the county have access to reliable broadband.

"The reason behind the idea is existing and future sources of government funding are unlikely to bring high-speed broadband to all premises," he stated.

Mr Cosgrove said the government's current plans - which would see between five and ten per cent of the county miss out on improved connectivity - will have a negative effect on the local economy and bring down house prices in the area.

The campaigner added the Shropshire and Marches Campaign for Better Broadband in Rural Areas group has now been promised a meeting with three county MPs to discuss this issue and it will also be given a five-minute presentation at the next full council meeting on February 27th.

If looking for ways to improve internet access in rural areas, Shropshire residents should consider satellite broadband.

This technology is perfect for such locations as it requires no infrastructural development to function and is available now. It has been highlighted by both the UK government and European Union as an effective means of bringing fast broadband to hard-to-reach rural areas.

You can learn more about satellite broadband here.