Could satellite broadband ease Staffordshire village's broadband concerns? header image

Concerns have been raised that parts of a Staffordshire village could miss out on the rollout of super-fast broadband.

Over £14 million is being invested in bringing better broadband to 97 per cent of the county, but councillors in Tutbury have expressed fears the area may not be included, the Burton Mail reports. 

Parish councillor Susan Adams told the newspaper: "There are certain parts of Tutbury which appear to have been left off, which has raised concerns among parish councillors."

However, a spokesperson for Staffordshire County Council said the village is expected to be included in the rollout and claimed alternative methods will be used to improve connectivity in the areas the super-fast rollout does not reach.

One such method is satellite broadband, which was recently highlighted by the government as a means of bringing high-speed internet access to hard-to-reach parts of the UK. Contact Avonline to learn more about this technology.