UK broadband outperforms Euro rivals but still has work to do on global level header image

The UK is outperforming Europe's major nations when it comes to super-fast broadband, but still lags behind other parts of the world.

This is according to a new report from Analysys Mason, which found the nation is ahead of the other members of the EU big five - France, Germany, Italy and Spain - on a number of metrics relating to high-speed internet. 

Britain was ranked first by the organisation in terms of super-fast coverage and average broadband speeds. However, the country is still behind the likes of Japan, South Korea and the US on the former and has slower speeds than the Netherlands and Sweden, as well as these nations.

While the results of this survey paint a positive picture of the UK's broadband services they are not entirely consistent with other reports. 

Akamai's latest State of the Internet Report said the nation has only the fifth fastest average connection in Europe and the tenth quickest in the world. It claimed the typical UK broadband service reaches 8.4 Mbps, which is way off being considered super-fast. 

Meanwhile, the latest figures from Ofcom have revealed 27 per cent of households in the country do not have access to high-speed services at present. This rises to 48 per cent in Scotland and 52 per cent in Wales. 

The telecommunications watchdog also found close to eight per cent of UK homes currently have connections that are slower than two Mbps.

While the government's project to bring super-fast connections to 90 per cent of the country is currently underway, there are concerns about the impact this will have on rural areas. The final ten per cent of the nation will only be guaranteed speeds of at least two Mbps and many rural communities are likely to fall into this bracket. 

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