Survey reveals Brits' telecom spending header image

A new survey has revealed how much Brits spend on telecommunications services such as broadband and phone calls. 

Carried out by thinkbroadband, the poll found 24.5 per cent of people spend between £20 and £30, which was the most common individual price range. 

Some 60 per cent of respondents said their spending falls between £20 and £50 each month. 

Under 15 per cent of people devote less than £20 per month to telecoms services, while a similar amount spend between £50 and £70. A small minority said their monthly spend in this area exceeds £100.

Telecoms services such as broadband are a big investment and it is important you feel you are getting your money's worth. A reliable internet connection can also allow you to make use of free online phone services such as Skype, meaning you could save on phone bills.

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