Anger at broadband pole in Cornish town header image

Residents of a Cornish town are angry a new broadband pole has been erected in a scenic area.

BT has built an 11-metre pole in Newlyn, which restricts views of the port and the island of St Michael's Mount, The Cornishman reports. 

Local residents claim they were not consulted on the decision and were not even told the pole was going to be erected.

Zed Sinicki, who lives in the area, stated: "When this pole is rigged and wired it is certain to be a blot on our area. It will reduce the value of our property and reduce the beauty of our views."

A number of households have complained to BT about the issue, but the company has defended its decision to erect the pole.

Satellite broadband can bring high-speed internet access to rural areas without the need for unsightly poles or cables. All that is required for this technology to function is a small dish connected to a modem.