Government hails rural broadband progress but communities still have doubts header image

Yesterday (December 18th) was "Super Switch on Day", according to the government.

The Department for Culture, Media & Sport gave the day this title after it revealed a number of super-fast broadband cabinets in rural areas were being activated across the nation. 

Areas in regions such as Wiltshire and south Gloucestershire, Cheshire, Kent and Medway, Hampshire and Shropshire have all received access to an improved service, with the government claiming an extra 200,000 households will have super-fast speeds by Christmas.

The coalition said it is on course to meet its target of bringing super-fast speeds to 95 per cent of the UK by 2017. 

Commenting on this, environment minister Owen Paterson said: "Super-fast broadband has the potential to transform rural areas, bridging the age-old gap between rural and urban. It will allow businesses to grow and expand and communities to access services in a way that they've not been able to before."

Meanwhile secretary of state for culture, media and sport Maria Miller said the coalition is committed to bringing the benefits of the internet to the entire country.

However, the government's announcement has received a mixed reception from people living in rural communities, with many of these individuals still struggling with slow and unreliable connections. 

Following the news, BBC technology correspondent Rory-Cellan Jones asked for the opinions of rural residents on Twitter. 

One person from north Monmouthshire said their service is so slow they are unable to watch YouTube videos, while there were even individuals from London and Edinburgh who claimed their connections are unreliable. 

This suggests there is still a significant number of people across the UK who need a better broadband service, despite the government's attempts to roll out super-fast fibre optic technology. 

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