Ofcom proposes new broadband repair rules header image

Ofcom has proposed new rules relating to the repair of broadband and other telecommunications services. 

It plans to introduce new minimum performance standards for Openreach, the organisation that is responsible for BT's cable network used by other telecoms providers. 

The new rules would require the majority of repairs to be made within two days of a customer experiencing a telephone or broadband fault.

Ofcom has proposed the changes due to concerns about the time Openreach is currently taking to fix problems.

It has suggested the new rules should be enforced from April 2016 onwards.

Damage or theft of cables can be a common issue for broadband users, with a recent incident in London causing an outage that affected thousands of households. 

Such issues are not a problem with satellite broadband, as this technology does not rely on the use of cables whatsoever, meaning the connection it provides is often much more reliable.