Yorkshire villages to try and demonstrate broadband demand header image

Residents of villages in the Worth Valley, west Yorkshire have been advised to demonstrate their demand for the rollout of improved broadband services. 

Ken Eastwood, head of campaign group FibreValley, recently visited Bradford Council councillor Russell Brown who claimed this would boost the area's chances of receiving funding, the Telegraph & Argus reports.

Mr Eastwood stated: "He [Mr Brown] … suggested that communities should group together to demonstrate that the service is required and that residents are prepared to pay for it."

However, Glen Miller, leader of Bradford Council's conservative group, claimed more action needs to be taken to improve broadband in the region. 

He said he will ask the local authority to provide full details of how local communities can secure funding for improved connectivity. 

An alternative solution for people in areas such as the Worth Valley is Tooway satellite broadband from Avonline. This technology is available now and can provide a high-speed connection within just a few weeks of an order being placed.