Connection speed 'the most common broadband customer service issue' header image

Issues with connection speeds are the most common reason broadband users contact the custom service departments of the UK's major internet service providers.

This is according to Ofcom, which has released new statistics on this topic today (December 20th). The companies in question are BT, Orange, Sky, TalkTalk and Virgin Media.

Some 16 per cent of customer service enquires are related to connection speeds, which suggests many people are not receiving a fast enough service. Such individuals may benefit from switching to satellite broadband, especially if they live in remote and rural areas.

The second most common reason for contacting customer service was changing package or service, which accounted for 12 per cent of the total. 

Ofcom's research also revealed how many users are satisfied with the customer service provided by their internet service provider. TalkTalk was the worst performing company, with only 62 per cent of consumers happy.

The figure stood at 63 per cent for both Orange and BT, while Sky and Virgin Media were joint highest with 71 per cent each. An average of 66 per cent was recorded for the five companies as a whole.

Ofcom said BT scored poorly when it came to offering compensation or goodwill payments. Meanwhile TalkTalk was below average for logging details of customer queries to prevent them from having to repeat themselves.

Claudio Pollack, Ofcom consumer group director, said: "We expect communications providers to deliver high standards of service to their customers. 

"In the event things go wrong, it is important that consumers have peace of mind that their questions or issues will be dealt with in a timely and efficient way by their provider."

This information follows a recent report from the organisation concerning complaints at the major internet service providers. Orange/EE attracted the most grievances in the third quarter, with 0.45 complaints for every 1,000 customers.