Oxford villagers must raise funds for broadband improvements header image

Residents of an Oxfordshire village must raise £67,000 if they are to receive an improved broadband service from the government. 

People living in Noke hope to be given a better level of connectivity through the Rural Community Broadband Fund, but must gather the money if they are to be granted investment from the coalition, the Oxford Mail reports. 

Internet access in the village is currently very slow, with local resident James Dollymore describing it as "practically non-existent" and "unreliable".

"We are five miles from the centre of Oxford, it is disgraceful BT don't provide proper phone lines, let alone broadband," he stated. 

Mr Dollymore told the newspaper he has improved his level of connectivity by using a satellite broadband service.

He now receives connection speeds of 20 Mbps as opposed to the 0.17 Mbps he previously had to use.

The people of Noke are to hold a public consultation in a bid to decide how the £67,000 needed for government funding can be raised.