Broadband 'as vital as water and electricity' header image

Access to reliable broadband services should be considered a key amenity. 

This is according to Graham Downing, Country Land and Business Association (CLA) committee chairman for Suffolk. 

Speaking last week, he said improved connectivity would be the ideal Christmas gift for the region, as the slow speeds that are currently available are harming the prospects of local businesses. 

"Broadband is as vital as water, electricity and gas and should be looked on as the fourth utility, and more progress needs to be made in order for businesses in Suffolk to flourish," Mr Downing stated.

He said the CLA is concerned many areas will be left without a better service despite the government and BT's projects to improve connections across the country. 

Any households that are not included in the coalition's rollout would benefit from satellite broadband, which can bring speeds of up to 20 Mbps to the countryside and is available now.