Over a third of Brits will switch ISP in 2014 header image

More than a third of Britons plan to switch their internet service provider (ISP) next year.

A survey by ISPreview has revealed 37.6 per cent of people will change their provider in 2014, while a further 47.1 per cent are considering it.

The poll asked respondents which element of their current ISP's service they are most unhappy with and support and reliability were highlighted as the biggest problems - being cited by 30.1 per cent and 30 per cent of people respectively. 

Connection speed is also a significant concern, with close to one in five (18.9 per cent) of users saying this is an issue. A further 4.1 per cent claimed they are unhappy with service restrictions.

The survey found the majority (75.4 per cent) of people pay £20 per month or more for their internet connection.

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