Slow broadband 'hinders Devon businesses' header image

Some businesses in Devon may benefit from satellite broadband, as slow internet connections are holding companies back, according to a local businessman.

Writing for the Exeter Express and Echo, director of digital marketing company Optix Solutions Alastair Banks claimed the poor level of connectivity in the county is hindering the growth of local firms. 

He said companies in Devon are working hard to compete with their counterparts based in large cities, but slow broadband is a "chink in our armour". 

"If we want to compete on a national stage, hell, even an international stage then something needs to be done," he stated.

Using data from Ofcom, Mr Banks said broadband take-up in Devon is among the highest in the UK, but when it comes to having access to super-fast services only the Scottish Highlands and parts of Wales and Hull are worse off.

He concluded by stating that while Devonshire businesses are doing well in the circumstances, they could potentially achieve a lot more with access to the broadband services available in other parts of the country.