Pope Francis is the internet's most used name of 2013 header image

Pope Francis is the name that has appeared most frequently on the internet this year, according to new research. 

A study by The Global Language Monitor found the Pontiff, who was appointed head of the Catholic Church in March, is the name that has been used most by English speaking internet users in 2013. 

The top ten most common names is dominated by people and organisations from the US, but the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton does appear at number five. 

An American influence is also clear when it comes to the top phrases of the year, with toxic politics, federal shutdown, global warming and federal deficit the most used. 

When it comes to individual words, 404 and fail, which commonly appear together on internet error messages, were the two most frequent.

The Global Language Monitor also revealed the word, phrase and name of the decade so far, which are global warming, climate change and Heroes - a US TV series.