Exeter businessman highlights broadband problem header image

The internet has become crucial to the modern business world and having access to a good connection can be the difference between failure and success. 

However, many UK companies are currently forced to try and get by with slow and unreliable broadband services and this can even be an issue in large towns and cities. 

An example of this is Exeter, where a local businessman has written for the Express and Echo about the problems caused by his lack of connectivity. 

Alex Wren, who owns digital marketing company Bitpod, said super-fast broadband is currently unavailable in the building where the company is based despite it being less than a mile from central Exeter. 

"How can Exeter's business community, and those surrounding it, be expected to compete with other companies if their broadband service is holding them back?" he stated.

Firms such as Bitpod and others in similar situations across the UK may benefit from switching to satellite broadband, which can provide speeds of up to 20 Mbps.