Shropshire broadband rollout 'not delivering what people need' header image

The rollout of super-fast broadband in Shropshire has been criticised by the West Midlands member of the European Parliament (MEP). 

Speaking to the Shropshire Star, Phil Bennion said the project to improve connections in the region - which is being carried out by BT and Shropshire County Council -  is "too complex and plainly is not delivering what people need".

He called for BT to produce more details regarding when the rollout will take place and which areas will be included. 

"Some counties have this information already, Shropshire does not," the MEP stated. 

He claimed he will be pressing BT and the council to provide details on the project as soon as possible.

Mr Bennion also criticised the scheme for focusing on providing high-speed connections for 90 per cent of the county rather than ensuing the whole region has a decent level of service.

Concerned you may be in the ten per cent that miss out on the super-fast rollout, or unable to wait for it to be completed? Consider switching to satellite broadband.