MP questions Worcestershire super-fast broadband deal header image

A local councillor has expressed doubts about the project for bringing super-fast broadband to Worcestershire. 

BT has been awarded the contract for the rollout, which is worth a total of £20 million, but councillor Luke Mallett has questioned whether this will provide value for money, Worcester News reports.

"The findings so far are that rural broadband is costing taxpayers 77p to every pound, compared to Sweden where it is 33p to every pound," he stated at a full council meeting. 

Mr Mallett also raised concerns about the lack of competition surrounding the deal and asked how the local authority can be sure it has not been "ripped off".

However, councillor John Campion rejected these complaints and said he is confident the project - which aims to bring super-fast broadband to 90 per cent of the county - will represent value for money.

Waiting for local authority projects is the not the only way to improve your internet connection, as satellite broadband is available immediately.