Rural north Wales residents fear broadband omission header image

People living in rural parts of north Wales are concerned they will miss out on receiving an improved broadband service.

The residents had hoped they would benefit from the Access Broadband Cymru scheme, which provides grants for boosting connectivity in hard-to-reach areas, but they may no longer be eligible due to being included in the government's fibre optic rollout, the Daily Post reports.

While they have been told they are part of the fibre project, the residents claim their distance from the nearest BT data exchanges means they will not feel any benefit. 

Chris Statham of Bala-based business ACL Telco told the newspaper: "They [the government] need to see how far some properties are from the exchanges and cabs and the routes the lines have to cross."

A Welsh government spokesperson said they would not be able to address this issue until the fibre rollout was complete.

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