Brits 'confused by broadband jargon' header image

Many Britons are confused by broadband jargon, a new survey from has revealed.

The organisation found 46 per cent of internet users are unable to understand commonly-used terms and they often pay more than necessary for their broadband service as a result. 

Close to a fifth of people surveyed did not know what Mbps (megabits per second) means and 52 per cent said the same for MB (megabyte). The former refers to the speed at which data is transferred across a network and is commonly used as an indication of broadband speeds. MB is a unit of measurement for digital information and is used to measure the amount of data being moved over a network. 

Other terms that cause people confusion are traffic management, which was not understood by 29 per cent of respondents and exchange, for which the figure was 41 per cent. Traffic management refers to a limit on the amount of data internet users are allowed to download on their connection, while an exchange is the point where an internet service meets and connects to the provider's network.

Dominic Baliszewski of broadbandchoices commented: "Broadband customers should be empowered to make an informed decision when they spend their money, which is why the results of this survey are worrying.

"Broadband is an essential utility for the majority of households nowadays, but it's being overcomplicated with a lot of unnecessary techno-jargon, which, to most people, might as well be a foreign language."

Less than half of people surveyed knew what their download limit was and many were unaware of the activities that counted towards it. Meanwhile, some 80 per cent of respondents did not know their connection speed and common issues that affect it, such as their neighbours' online activity and their distance from the nearest exchange.

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