UK broadband 'is 25th fastest in the world' header image

The UK has only the 25th fastest broadband service in the world, according to new research. 

Statistics collected from Ookla's service, which allows internet users to check the speed of their connection, ranked Britain below nations such as Taiwan, Moldova and Bulgaria. 

Asian countries dominated the list with Hong Kong, Singapore and South Korea all appearing in the top four. Romania was ranked third.

Ookla's findings are in contrast to those of Akamai, as the organisation's latest State of the Internet report said the UK's broadband is the tenth fastest in the world and the fifth best in Europe.

However, Akamai reported the average download speed in Britain was 8.4 Mbps, while Ookla's research found it was 23.55 Mbps, which is a considerable difference.

Such contrasting figures make it difficult to know exactly what the UK's average connection speed is, but if your service is slow and unreliable, switching to satellite broadband with Avonline could be worthwhile.