IDC has rail broadband questions  header image

The International Data Corporation (IDC) has questioned whether the government's new proposals to improve broadband connectivity on trains will be effective. 

Earlier this week, the coalition announced plans to make high-speed services available to 70 per cent of rail passengers by 2019. 

John Delaney of the IDC said such a proposal is welcome, but believes there are a number of questions the government is yet to answer. 

He said improving connectivity on trains would require the creation of a high-speed radio access network and the issue of who operates this will need to be resolved. 

"Will passengers be able to use better broadband on trains as part of their regular mobile data subscription, or will they have to pay extra for it?" Mr Delaney also asked.

He added that if people will be required to pay an additional charge,the issue of how the government will ensure healthy competition between broadband service providers needs to be addressed.