Stanford Rivers broadband speed is

People in rural parts of the UK such as Stanford Rivers are still struggling with slow internet speeds, despite superfast broadband being rolled out in more built-up areas of the country.

Residents in Stanford Rivers have complained they are only able to perform basic tasks online because the speeds - which sometimes drop to 1.5 Mbps, ten below the national average - are so slow, the Ongar Gazette reports. 

Stanford Rivers parish council member Ted Saridja described the broadband speed he uses as "demoralisingly slow", explaining there is no point in him trying to perform tasks such as downloading music and watching videos.

Mr Saridja noted downloads can take days to complete, which means it makes more sense to wait for a programme to be repeated on television than it is to use a catch-up TV service online. He stated: "It isn't right in this day and age to have some areas of the country so far behind the rest. There are people who rely on the internet to work from home.

"This has been a problem for years. We are always missed out from the latest upgrades - even high-speed copper would be a huge improvement, fibre would be incredible."

Another option residents in rural areas might want to consider is satellite broadband. This technology can provide broadband speeds of up to 20 Mbps and is not shared with other homes, while the service can be delivered within just a few weeks of an order being placed. 

Mr Saridja noted rural areas are often overlooked when it comes to broadband rollout - but explained it is people in these regions who require faster speeds the most because phone signals are poor and individuals have fewer things to do compared with those in major towns and cities.

He added it is hard to believe that Stanford Rivers suffers from such slow speeds considering its close proximity to London, comparing the speeds to the broadband equivalent of the Stone Age.