Govt 'should focus on broadband, not railways' header image

The UK government should focus more on improving broadband and less on building railways, it has been suggested.

Speaking at a Westminster eForum, chief technology officer for Microsoft in the Europe, the Middle East and Africa region Stephen McGibbon indicated the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition is making a mistake by not investing more in broadband services in order to facilitate mobile working, Computer Weekly reports.

Mr McGibbon noted the building of HS2 - a planned high-speed railway linking London and regions in the north of England - is an example of the government placing too much emphasis on matters other than broadband improvement.

He explained better internet connections will enable people to work any time, any place, stating: "The fact is nine to five cannot deliver 24/7. Customers want to do things 24/7 and technology is enabling everyone to do that. Workplaces can't handle that."

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