Criticism for super-fast Berkshire scheme header image

The project to bring super-fast broadband to Berkshire has been criticised by a local councillor. 

Superfast Berkshire aims to provide high-speed connections to 79 per cent of premises across the region, while guaranteeing minimum speeds of two Mbps to the remainder by 2015.

However, the chairman of Aldermaston parish council has expressed his dissatisfaction that his constituency has not been included in the areas in line for a super-fast service. 

Speaking to Newbury Today, David Shirt commented: "We’re on a main trunk road and classed as a sustainable service village with over 1,000 parishioners. If we don’t qualify for it then who does?”

He added a lot of people in the village rely on the internet for working from home and said the council will be writing to Richard Benyon, MP for Newbury, concerning Aldermaston's omission from the super-fast rollout. 

Residents of the village and other areas in a similar position across the UK should consider switching to satellite broadband if they would like to improve their connectivity.