Brits 'would invest more in improving broadband' header image

The majority of Britons would be happy to see more money spent on improving broadband services across the country, a new survey has revealed.

In a poll carried out by ISPreview, only 32.6 per cent of respondents said they would not invest any more than the approximate £1.2 billion the government has already provided to boost UK connectivity if they were in charge of the nation.

More than one in five (21.8 per cent) people claimed they would offer an additional £2 billion to £5 billion in broadband funding, while 12.8 per cent would make up to an extra £1 billion available. A further 19.1 per cent said they would put £10 billion to £15 billion more into broadband improvements and 13.5 per cent would invest between £5 billion and £10 billion.

This desire to see more money set aside to boost internet access is linked to the fact 45.6 per cent of the people surveyed claimed they "truly need" ultra-fast connection speeds of 100 Mbps now. Around a fifth of respondents said it will be two to three years before they require such a service, while 12.6 per cent and 13.8 per cent stated they will not need these speeds for between four and five years and six years or more respectively

The level of funding required to make 100 Mbps speeds widely available throughout the UK is unlikely to be provided in the foreseeable future, but ISPreview's survey does demonstrate a large proportion of Britons want to see their connectivity improved. 

Indeed, many people - particularly in rural areas - are currently struggling with extremely slow speeds of less than two Mbps. While ultra-fast broadband is not set to come to the countryside anytime soon, rural residents can drastically improve their connectivity through satellite broadband, which can provide speeds of up to 20 Mbps and is available now.