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For many years now Brits' houses have been filled with various entertainment devices, ranging from TVs and radios to stereos and piles of DVDs. However, that could soon be changing, as thanks to the web you can now fulfil all of your entertainment needs with just a computer and a broadband connection. 

If you've got the internet it's possible to keep up to date with all of the latest programmes without even owning a TV. Each of the terrestrial channels are streamed live online and even Sky subscribers can watch shows as they air using the Sky Go service. 

Furthermore, on-demand websites like BBC iPlayer and 4oD mean you can view programmes at your own convenience and the days of having to programme the video recorder are now just a distant memory.

Film fans will find plenty of ways to keep themselves amused on the internet. Services like Netflix and Love Film allow users to stream movies, meaning there's no need to have stacks of DVDs taking up space around the house.

The web is a great way to listen to music and discover new artists. Indeed, some musicians such as Lily Allen have shot to fame on the back of being discovered online. Perhaps the most popular way to access music on the web is through Spotify, which allows users to listen to an absolutely huge choice of bands and artists free of charge.

You can also buy all of your music on the net by downloading it on sites such as iTunes and Amazon and then transfer it straight on to your iPod, phone or other device. Radio listeners are well catered-for as, much the same as TV, the majority of major stations can be streamed online. 

When it comes to gamers, the internet is nothing short of a dream. It's possible to play every sort of game going on the web from simple free apps like Angry Birds to huge subscription-based titles such as World of Warcraft. 

The web also plays a big part in console gaming these days, with online play and connectivity set to be a huge part of the new Xbox and PlayStation consoles that are due for release in just a few weeks.

Of course, to make the most of the entertainment opportunities provided by the internet a fast and reliable broadband connection is required. Unfortunately, this isn't available in all parts of the UK and some people struggle to open a web page or send an email, let alone stream a film or play a game online. 

Does this situation sound familiar? If so, why not consider switching to satellite broadband, which is the technology best suited to bring fast connections to remote and rural areas. Want to know more? Click here to find out.