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Residents of two Shropshire villages have called for the rollout of super-fast broadband in the county to be more equal. 

At a meeting of the local committee for St Martins and Weston Rhyn, people claimed it is unfair that areas that already have relatively fast connections are set to receive an upgraded service ahead of other regions where speeds are very slow, the Shropshire Star reports. 

Sue Schofield of the St Martins and Weston Rhyn campaign for better broadband told the news provider broadband in the villages is often as poor as one Mbps and sometimes only 0.5 Mbps.

"The emphasis on super-fast broadband speeds for a large majority who are already on higher internet speeds will leave the very rural parts of the county with no or minimal internet service for the foreseeable future," she stated. 

Ms Schofield called for priority to be given to the parts of Shropshire where connectivity is currently poor and said the rollout of improved services should work from these areas inwards, rather than starting with the easier upgrades. A petition has been started in a bid to demonstrate public support on this issue.

Broadband manager for Shropshire Council Chris Taylor has revealed details of the first locations to benefit from the rollout of super-fast broadband in the county will be announced this week.

"There are nine phases and of course some areas will be in the first few phases and some the last, so there will be people that are disappointed," he commented.

This is not the first time concerns have been raised about the quality of broadband services in Shropshire. In July, the Ludlow and Tenbury Wells Advertiser reported on a petition that had been started in a bid to improve connections in Ludlow and earlier this month, a spokesperson for the South-West Shropshire and Marches Campaign for Better Broadband told the Shropshire Star not enough information has been disclosed regarding the super-fast rollout.

Any Shropshire residents that are in need of a high-speed internet connection immediately should consider trying satellite broadband.