Bidborough left without broadband header image

Residents of the Kent village of Bidborough have been without broadband services for close to a month. 

Local people are struggling without phone and internet services and are angry at BT for not fixing the problem more quickly, the Kent and Sussex Courier reports.

Bidborough resident Clare Masters told the newspaper: "The first week was extremely difficult. Not having internet is a massive problem now - it's part of everyday life."

She added the lack of connectivity made it hard for her children to do their homework and for her husband to access work emails.

Another local resident, Sarah Rooney, said her partner is being forced to work long hours at the office due to the lack of broadband at home.

BT claimed it aims to have restored its services in the village by the start of next week.

Satellite broadband is ideally suited to bringing reliable internet access to rural villages.

Posted by Mark Wynn