Scilly suffers from broadband problems header image

The UK's many small islands are some of the regions that suffer most from a lack of reliable broadband services. 

An prime example of this is the Isles of Scilly, where a fault with BT's data exchange has caused connections in the area to slow down significantly, Scilly Today reports.

According to one local resident, the internet was "slower than snail pace", while a restaurant owner told the newspaper the problem meant his broadband was "unusable". 

Following a number of calls from unhappy customers BT located and repaired the fault, although some people on the isles are reportedly still suffering with slow connections. 

The remote location of islands such as Scilly mean it is harder for companies like BT to provide reliable, high-speed services. 

However, an alternative for local residents is satellite broadband, which can provide the exact same level of service as it does on the mainland due to the fact it operates via signals sent from a satellite in space.

Posted by Craig Roberts