ASA bans BT advert header image

A promotion for BT's Infinity broadband service has been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

It has taken the action after receiving a complaint regarding a claim made during the advert, which said BT's Infinity service is eight times faster than the average UK broadband speed.

The commercial in question showed a group of students using an online dating site and the ASA also received complaints that the speed with which the actors uploaded photos and purchased music tickets was exaggerated. 

BT's claim that its service was eight times faster than the UK average was not based on the latest figures provided by Ofcom and as a result the ASA has declared the statement to be misleading.

Regarding the issue of exaggerated performance, the organisation said it has seen no evidence BT's service can function to this level and that complaint has also been upheld. The advert can no longer appear in its current form.

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Posted by Mark Wynn