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The world has changed an awful lot since the invention of the internet and so has parenting. The lives of today’s children are quite different from those of their mothers and fathers and the web is arguably the biggest indicator of this generation gap. 

Internet access is a huge part of everyday life for kids growing up in the 21st century and many have never known anything different. With the influence of the web set to increase, it's especially important for youngsters to have access to a fast and reliable broadband connection so they are prepared for the growth of the online world and in a position to take advantage of the benefits it provides.

Here is a rundown of why the internet is so vital for children.


The web is the greatest learning resource the world has ever known and plays a huge part in the modern education system. It provides children with more information than they could ever hope to find in a local library and kids with internet access have a real advantage over those who don't.

Indeed, it has been proven that web connectivity can boost school performance, with the Guardian reporting on research by the e-Learning Foundation in 2011, which found 55 per cent of teachers thought pupils who cannot go online at home are at a disadvantage compared to those who can. 


Kids love computer games and with each passing year the gaming world becomes more online-focused. Whether it's playing against friends on consoles like the Xbox and PlayStation, or small internet-based games such as Angry Birds and Candy Crush, a good internet connection is a must for any parent whose child is a gaming enthusiast.


In addition to games, there are plenty of other ways the web can keep youngsters entertained. On-demand TV services like BBC iPlayer and 4oD mean they can keep up to date with all their favourite programmes without hogging the television. Meanwhile, companies like LoveFilm and Netflix are great for streaming children’s movies.


It might be hard for those of us from older generations to understand, but the internet has become a huge part of the social lives of today's children. Websites such as Facebook and Twitter are the way kids like to keep in touch these days and those youngsters who can't access the same sites as their friends are in danger of feeling left out.


The modern workplace is dominated by the internet and being familiar with the web at a young age will help children be best prepared for this in later life. Online access is key to finding a job as well and even the small part-time roles undertaken by teenagers can often only be applied for on the internet these days.

Of course, if kids are to make the most of the opportunities provided by the internet, a fast and reliable connection is required and this can be hard to come by in some parts of the UK. If this problem affects you, Avonline and our Tooway satellite broadband are here to help.