MP calls traditional rural broadband 'slower than a man with a stick'  header image

Existing fixed line broadband in the rural areas of the UK is so poor a "man with a stick" could deliver messages quicker.

This is according to government minister and Westcountry MP David Heath, who believes that the government's expansion of superfast internet speeds is failing users in the countryside.

Towns and villages in the rural parts of the UK fear they could be left behind by standard connectivity provisions, especially since the coalition pushed the 95 per cent of UK properties getting superfast broadband objective back to 2017.

Speaking at the Lib Dem conference in Glasgow, Mr Heath said: "How could I run a business from my home with that sort of provision? This is a fundamental, not just social issue, it's a huge economic issue for rural areas."

One option that rural homes yet to be supplied with government-backed infrastructure have is satellite broadband provided by Avonline, which is already servicing some of the most remote parts of the British Isles.

Posted by Mark Wynn