Rural businesses 'suffer if broadband speeds are slow' header image

Businesses in the UK based in rural settings suffer if their broadband speeds are slower than that of their competitors. 

This is according to businesswoman Nichola Ross Martin, who was commenting on news that Bridport and its surrounding area will have to wait longer for superfast broadband access compared to other towns in Dorset, Bridport and Lyme Regis News reports.

Ms Ross Martin explained her tax consultancy firm is being forced to relocate because it relies on a strong internet connection. Based in Uploaders, the company would still have to wait three more years to make use of a superfast service should it move to Bridport.

She stated: "The internet connection in this area is generally quite poor and I'm sure plenty of residents like me are fed up with slow streaming and download speeds."

One option homes and businesses in the area have to enjoy improved speeds is to make the switch to satellite broadband

Posted by Craig Roberts