2 Mbps broadband 'not adequate for rural businesses' header image

Liberal Democrat MEP Phil Bennion has said that the government's broadband rollout plans are not adequate in the long term and leave rural communities isolated.

He believes that instead of 2 Mbps, the government should be focusing on delivering internet speeds of at least 10 Mbps to all households.

Writing on The Parliament, Mr Bennion said: "As a farmer myself, I know that my own 6 Mbps connection is inadequate for the needs of doing all that I need to fulfil government requirements, particularly when speeds crash to around 1 Mbps for parts of the day." 

He explained that to meet statutory requirements, farms and other rural businesses need connection speeds of at least 10 Mbps.

While Broadband Delivery UK does hope to have some of the world's best internet infrastructure, current plans suggest that the government will leave rural pockets to make do with the minimum 2 Mbps.

Rural homes without fixed line access may be able to improve their speeds with satellite broadband access.

Posted by Craig Roberts